Top ways you can raise money when you have bad credit

Your option of outsourcing cash can be limited even more when your credit score is poor. Most lenders assume that your score is a reflection of your finances. It is for this reason that they will view you as a too great risk to bring on board and thus turn their backs on you. This […]

Tenant guarantor loans

Tenant guarantor loan is a way of secured lending with the help of another person. This other person is called a guarantor. Traditional lending required that a guarantor should be a homeowner. However, with the rise of dynamic and new products, even non-homeowners can be guarantors. In fact tenant guarantor loans are popularly known as […]

Things to consider before agreeing to be a guarantor

In some cases borrowers might call in a third party to intervene especially when they have bad credit and lenders are turning their backs on them. The third party, also known as a guarantor comes in to satisfy the loan obligations of the borrower that keep them liable. This means that if the borrower fails […]