About us

With homeownership at its lowest for years, it’s almost impossible to find a guarantor who’s also a homeowner. That is why Arran Loans is here – to make sure you acquire the cash that you need in no time through our non-homeowner guarantor loans. At Arran Loans, you can apply for a tenant guarantor loan with flexible and affordable rates. We, as Arran Loans, take an individualistic approach and ensure that we handle each application at its own merit. And as responsible lenders, who are regulated and authorized, we will always make sure that you can afford the loan.

Over the years, Arran Loans has climbed the ladders to be one of the best in the UK boasting if a good hard earned reputation. Come to Arran Loans for the best customer experience you will ever experience. Our personnel is well trained and equipped to give you the needed guidance when choosing our products. But what’s more, Arran Loans guarantees less transactional noise as we understand there’s enough noise out there. We offer completely free customer services and advice with no upfront fee. At Arran Loans you can be assured of privacy as your data will be treated as confidential. At no given time will Arran Loans sell your information to other companies and that is a promise!

Arran Loans offers you a simple process and very reasonable criteria. Arran Loans seeks to ensure even non homeowners can extend a helping hand without the stringent and complicated process that guarantors have experienced before. Arran Loans also offers loans to people with credit issues. Whether you have a good, bad or no history at all, Arran Loans will sort you out! So you do not have to worry about your credit score getting in the way, just visit us at our offices or website and you will have your money within 24 working hours.